The Laser Hair Removal Process Explained

Laser hair removal is a process that often sounds daunting to many people. But… it’s actually almost painless, easy, and SO worth it.

Here's the technical explanation of laser hair removal — it's the process of removing unwanted hair from the body by using light energy, which converts to heat and burns the cells that grow hair. When you do this, the pigments in the hair known as melanin absorb a concentrated beam of light, where it reaches and damages the hair follicles to delay hair growth.

Laser hair removal works best on people with darker colored hair and lighter skin tones. Why? If the beam is unable to detect enough pigment in the hair (meaning if you have super blonde hair), the treatment won’t be as effective as quickly. In this case, more sessions will be required to remove the unwanted hair completely.

Now — let's get into the steps you need to take to prepare.

Step 1: Find a trained and credible laser professional who constantly keeps up with the proper training and certifications.

Unfortunately, licensing procedures vary from state to state, and sometimes there are no requirements at all. Beware of “laser centers” and make sure to ask where your laser technician was certified to do the procedure.

Kaylee Watts – founder and owner of Austin Laser Solutions – has had medical grade cosmetic laser experience since 2005. She has mastered both the science and art of laser hair removal, photofacial and other cosmetic laser treatments.

She's a graduate of the Nuvani Institute, and has continued her education every year to stay up with the newest and latest technology advancements. She is TRIPLE certified, currently holding Texas Tech, Texas Senior, & Texas Professional Level Licenses as well as Laser Safety Officer.

You can book a free consultation with her here.

Step 2: After you have your consultation or appointment booked, shave a day or two before your session.

It's important to shave a day or two before your sessions. You'll also want to avoid tanning and self-tanners before and after treatment. It is possible that you will need to stop taking certain medications to avoid adverse effects, so be honest about everything you take.

Step 3: On the day of your appointment, avoid using any products on your skin, including lotions, deodorant, or anything else.

Be sure to check with your laser professional about any other things you should and should not do before and after your session. Avoid using any products on your skin, including lotions, deodorant, or anything else. It's often advised to take a couple of ibuprofen an hour before your session, but not totally necessary.

Laser hair removal is believed to be painful. However, it can never be as bad as waxing, sugaring and painful ingrown hairs. We are not gonna lie. Laser hair removal isn't the most pleasant sensation. However, it is not painful. Mostly because “painful” is not the right word to use here. You will not feel pain. Discomfort maybe.

Step 4: Be sure to attend all of your treatment sessions—it takes a minimum of 6 sessions to see the best results.

It usually takes a minimum of 6 sessions to see the best results with laser hair removal with 5-6 weeks in between each session.

Step 5: Come in for maintenance appointments.

Laser hair removal isn't permanent and does require scheduling maintenance appointments a couple times a year. But remember if you're just shaving, you have to shave every couple of DAYS to keep your skin bare (and honestly, even stubbly). When you get laser, you barely have to shave, and will see mostly peach fuzz if anything. It's amazing. Laser hair removal will save you money in the long run.

Now... it's time for you to start with step one!

Laser hair removal is hands down the best method to declining hair growth. If you want silky smooth skin, make an appointment with us. You can schedule a free consultation here.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 512-296-5162. We're happy to help you.

Proudly providing clients with elite laser hair removal and skin renewal experiences in the Austin area in cities like Bee Cake, Westlake, South Austin, and more!

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