Is Laser Hair Removal Really Permanent? Answers Here.

Laser hair removal is an extremely effective way to get rid of the unwanted hair people are sick of shaving, trimming or waxing. But a lot of people are curious just how long will their results last and if laser hair removal is permanent?

In this post, we’re answering those questions.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal is not permanent. Here’s why.

Hair growth on your body happens in all different phases. Laser hair removal works the best with hair that’s in its first stage of growth — the Anagen phase. The more hair that the laser targets in this stage, the better your results are.

But this isn’t something you can predict because your hair growth isn’t ever the same all over. That’s why it takes multiple sessions to catch your hair growth in this stage. After you’ve had all of your sessions for your specific area, you’ll need a few maintenance sessions over the years to keep up with your results.

Why is getting maintenance treatments on your treated areas important?

Laser hair removal can’t permanently remove all of your hair but promises you long-lasting effects and a little need for maintenance. Laser hair removal is usually effective in removing 80-90 percent of hair (which is still the majority), but there will always be a little bit of hair that may come back. That’s why it’s important that you keep up with your maintenance treatments!

Hormonal changes, like the ones you experience during pregnancy, can bring on new, unwanted hair growth, too.

How many times do you need maintenance a year?

Typically, you should come in for one or two visits a year, depending on your needs. One to two treatments per year instead is much better than the constant habit of needing to shave.

How long does laser hair removal last?

It depends on the person, your skin tone, your hormones — a lot of factors. It’s common that people come in for a touch up each year, but some people may get away with it longer. Years ago, it would have required more than ten sessions, plus more than two maintenance appointments every year for good results. Thanks to advanced technology, most people will be left hairless after an initial round of laser hair removal treatments (and minimal follow-up).

The results laser hair removal produces today are not only better but have come a lot closer to the claim of permanent hair reduction. We answer a lot of other common laser hair removal frequently asked questions here.

Finding the right laser professional is key to great results.

The most important factor in great laser hair removal results is finding a laser professional with the right qualifications.

Otherwise, you can throw a large chunk of change towards multiple treatments that might not work — or worse, you could go to someone inexperienced who could end up harming you in the end.

Austin Laser Solutions uses the most advanced and safest laser treatment technology in order to best serve our clients. Kaylee Watts — owner and founder — has had medical-grade cosmetic laser experience since 2005, and continues to educate and stay up with the newest and latest technology advancements every year.

If you’re curious about getting laser hair removal or scheduling your maintenance appointments, you can book an appointment online or schedule a free consultation with us. Have any questions? Give us a call at 512-296-5162.

Proudly providing clients with elite laser hair removal and skin renewal experiences throughout the Austin area in cities like Bee Cake, Westlake, and more!

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