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Why Numbing Cream is Not Commonly Used During Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment

Why Numbing Cream is Not Commonly Used During Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment

Clear + Brilliant laser treatment is renowned for its exceptional tolerability, often eliminating the need for numbing cream. This unique feature of the procedure allows the laser to penetrate the skin more effectively, ensuring consistent and precise treatment across the targeted areas. By forgoing the use of numbing creams, Clear + Brilliant maintains the integrity of the treatment and optimizes the results.

Clear + Brilliant’s mild intensity and non-ablative fractional technology contribute to its reputation for being a comfortable experience for clients. Unlike more aggressive laser procedures, the gentle nature of Clear + Brilliant makes numbing creams unnecessary in most cases. This deliberate decision offers several benefits during the treatment process.

One advantage of not using numbing creams is the improved penetration of the laser. Numbing creams can create a barrier between the laser and the targeted areas, potentially hindering the laser’s ability to deliver consistent and precise treatment. By allowing the laser to interact directly with the skin, Clear + Brilliant ensures optimal contact and maximum impact on the targeted cells.

Maintaining the treatment’s integrity is another crucial consideration. Clear + Brilliant’s selective damage of only a fraction of cells requires consistent coverage across the treated areas. Numbing creams could interfere with the skin’s response to the laser, leading to uneven treatment or compromised results. By avoiding numbing creams, Clear + Brilliant guarantees a more uniform and controlled application, enhancing the treatment’s effectiveness.

Additionally, foregoing numbing creams allows for a more efficient treatment session. The absence of additional waiting time for the numbing cream to take effect streamlines the process, making it more time-friendly for clients. With Clear + Brilliant typically lasting around 15 minutes, individuals can undergo the treatment and promptly resume their daily activities.

It is important to acknowledge that the tolerability of Clear + Brilliant may vary among individuals. While most clients find the treatment comfortable without numbing creams, some individuals may have a lower pain threshold or heightened sensitivity. In such cases, your laser specialist may explore alternative options to enhance client comfort.

Clear + Brilliant’s exceptional tolerability and its ability to effectively penetrate the skin make numbing creams unnecessary for most clients. By not using numbing creams, Clear + Brilliant ensures optimal contact between the laser and the skin, maintaining the treatment’s integrity and optimizing the results. This approach streamlines the treatment process and allows individuals to experience the full benefits of Clear + Brilliant with minimal discomfort, ultimately achieving rejuvenated and radiant skin.

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